Prownian Analysis

Jules David Prown

Jules David Prown is the Paul Mellon Professor Emeritus of Art History at Yale University, and developer of the “Prownian Method” in which is included “Prownian Analysis”. Prownian Analysis is a means of identifying, and examining objects through detailed physical description, guessing at uses of the object, and treating the object as a fiction as a way of relating the object to more broad concepts. By applying Prownian Analysis to the examination of an object, the examiner should end with a rich description of the object, as well as a vivid idea of why the object was produced, and for whom. Earlier in this semester I attempted to analyze a yellow legal pad using Prownian Analysis, if you’d like another example of Prown in action.

picture1     Detailed Physical Description of STP 21-1




Guesses at Usage of STP 21-1picture1 STP 21-1 as a Fiction

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